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Quiz mode

You can create a lab alongside a quiz. This is best suited for labs where challenges do not make a lot of sense. For example, teaching users about finding version of installed Python.

Take a look at how this lab would be rendered:

Setting up

Setting up quiz mode is easy. Follow the following steps:

  • Go to your curriculum builder inside the course page.
  • Click on "Add Lab" button
  • Make sure to create a regular Interactive Lab (not an I/O lab)

  • Link it and click on "Edit"
  • You can now see how to toggle lab as a Quiz now.

  • Once you toggle it to a quiz, you get more options:
    • Question: This is your quiz question. What do you want to ask them?
    • Description: Description of the quiz. You can include markdown here, code snippets, etc..
    • Add Option: You can add options from the button on the bottom right.
    • Add Explanation: You can add explanation from the button on bottom right as well.


You cannot add challenges/evaluation if it is a quiz-lab. This means, you can setup the work environment for the user, and whatever they work on, finally they can answer the quiz question and move forward.