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Environment variables

There are a bunch of useful system environment variables available in the codedamn playground. They can be accessed in bash prompt using $ENV, for example, $PUBLIC_HOSTNAME

  • $PUBLIC_HOSTNAME can be used to get the hostname assigned to you to access APIs, etc. in browser (example value =
  • $PUBLIC_PORT is the port with which the hostname is embedded by default on right (this is 1337 - hardcoded value)
  • $SECONDARY_PUBLIC_PORT is the second port available (hardcoded to 1338 right now)
  • $TEST_FILE_NAME contains the full absolute path to the test file you add in a course lab using "Edit Test File" button.
  • $UNIT_TEST_OUTPUT_FILE contains the full absolute path to a file which is read by codedamn systems once your evaluation script ends. Once it finishes executing, our system would read it as a boolean array, and would mark all challenges as passed or failed depending on the values inside of that boolean array. For example, if the contents of the file at $UNIT_TEST_OUTPUT_FILE is [true,false,true], then the first challenge would be marked as passed, but the second and the third challenge would be marked as failed.